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EGO Battery

EGO Battery SNT2406
The new EGO POWER+ 2-Stage Snow Blower is the only cordless 2-stage snow blower that delivers the power and performance of gas without the noise, fuss and fumes. 50' THROWING DISTANCE Remote chute control sends snow far out of your way Control Dashboard Contains variable speed auger and self-propelled forward/reverse options Steel Auger Breaks up heavy snow and ice CONSUMER REPORTS RATINGS Check out unbiased ratings of this tool from one of the top, product-testing organizations. DETAILS The EGO POWER+ Cordless 2-Stage Snow Blower exceeds the power and performance of gas-powered snow blowers without the noise, fuss, and fumes. Featuring Peak Power™ technology, this cordless electric snow blower combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries to tackle the toughest snow conditions and what the snowplow leaves behind with ease—and throws it up to 50 feet. Its 24-inch clearing width and 20-inch intake height handles even the deepest snow, and its variable-speed auger and 200-degree chute direction give you complete control to throw snow where you need it. Get the job done easily with variable-speed self-propelled forward and reverse directions along with four LED lights for added visibility in early morning or evening. Experience Power Beyond Belief™ with the EGO POWER+ 2-Stage Cordless Snow Blower and the entire EGO POWER+ lineup. TECH SPECS Peak Power™ technology combines the power of any two EGO POWER+ 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries Throws snow up to 50 feet Clears an 18-car driveway with 8 inches of snow on a single charge when used with the two recommended 7.5Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries 24-inch clearing width/20 inch intake height Variable speed self-propel with forward and reverse directions Variable auger speed control system adjusts snow throwing distance Independent brushless motors: self-propel and auger Weather-resistant heavy-duty steel and composite construction to handle challenging conditions Four bright LED headlights for increased visibility for nighttime snow removal 200-degree rear chute control; rear chute deflector Adjustable handle height Adjustable skid shoes Metal Auger 5-year tool warranty
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