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Stihl MS 250
For people held hostage by high heating bills, firewood can mean freedom. With an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, the STIHL MS 250 is ideal for building the ultimate woodpile – so you get great bang for the buck. MS 250 Specifications - Occasional Use DISPLACEMENT 45.4 cc (2.77 cu. in.) ENGINE POWER 2.2 kW (3.0 bhp) POWERHEAD WEIGHT 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs.) GUIDE BAR LENGTHS* (Recommended ranges) 40 to 45 cm (16" to 18") FUEL CAPACITY 470 cc (15.9 oz.) CHAIN OIL CAPACITY 200 cc (6.8 oz.) OILOMATIC® CHAIN .325" RM3
Stihl MS193T
The MS 193 T is affordably priced and packed with premium features that save time and money. Professional arborists and tree service personnel will appreciate its robust power-to-weight ratio and compact, ergonomic top-handled design for easier equipment handling and less operator fatigue on demanding jobs. The tool’s fuel efficient engine technology reduces fuel costs and emissions*. The MS 193 T comes with a convenient toolless retainer for the air filter cover, a lanyard ring, purge pump primer, and IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor. This easy-to-operate STIHL product is proudly built in America* for the demanding professional who wants a premium saw at an affordable price. *A majority of STIHL gasoline-powered units sold in the United States are built in the United States from domestic and foreign pa Reduced fuel costs and emissions as compared to the previous model (MS 192 T). DISPLACEMENT 30.1 cc (1.84 cu. in.) ENGINE POWER 1.3 kW (1.74 bhp) POWERHEAD WEIGHT 3.3 kg (7.28 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 270 cc (9.1 oz.) CHAIN OIL CAPACITY 220 cc (7.4 oz.) OILOMATIC® CHAIN 3/8" PM GUIDE BAR LENGTHS (Recommended ranges) 35 cm (14") STIHL ROLLOMATIC® E POWER SOURCE Gas
Stihl MSE210CBQ
When you need power but don’t want the exhaust, just plug in the MSE 210 C-BQ electric chainsaw. Enjoy zero fuel costs, no fuel mixing and no engine maintenance. Great for firewood cutting, woodworking and carpentry, this corded electric chainsaw delivers all the power you need for tasks around the home (even indoors). The powerhead weighs under 9.5 pounds but is packed with advanced cutting features. The MSE 210 C-BQ features a wide trigger switch and toolless Quick Chain Adjuster for easy chain adjustment or replacement. There’s even a coast-down brake which quickly stops the rotating chain when the trigger is released. POWERHEAD WEIGHT 4.2 kg (9.4 lbs.) GUIDE BAR LENGTHS (Recommended ranges) 30 to 40 cm (12" to 16") STIHL ROLLOMATIC® E MOTOR OUTPUT 1.8 kW (15.0 amps) VOLTAGE 120 volt (60 Hz) OILOMATIC® CHAIN 3/8" PM3 CHAIN OIL CAPACITY 200 cc (6.8 oz.) POWER SOURCE Electric
Stihl MS-261
The MS 261 chainsaw delivers low emissions, high fuel efficiency and, of course, professional-grade performance. Its redesigned cylinder and ergonomic housing deliver a great power-to-weight ratio, weighing just 10.8 lbs. Designed for large volume cutting, the MS 261 also features our anti-vibration system for enhanced comfort. Other convenience features include pre-separation air filtration system and a redesigned spiked bumper. Add the MS 261 to your jobsite today. DISPLACEMENT 50.2 cc (3.06 cu. in.) ENGINE POWER 3.0kW (4.0 bhp) POWERHEAD WEIGHT 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 500 cc (16.9 oz.) CHAIN OIL CAPACITY 270 cc (9.13 oz.) OILOMATIC® CHAIN 26 RM3 GUIDE BAR LENGTHS (Recommended ranges) 40 to 50 cm (16" to 20") STIHL ROLLOMATIC® E POWER SOURCE Gas
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