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Farina's Watertown MA

Why Bikes & Power Equipment?

People always ask, "Why do you sell bicycles and power equipment?"  Our "unique" business model had humble beginnings but has solidly stood the test of time for more than 45 years.  Read our story and you'll see what makes Farina's a special place. 

Jack Farina circa 1975
Anthony Farina circa 1975

Off the Boat

Giacomo “Jack” Farina and his wife, Lana, emmigrated to the US from a small town in central Italy in 1955. Their town had suffered tremendous bombings and casualties during World War II, so they came to Boston with hopes of finding a better life and the pursuit of the “American Dream”.  They came with very little money and almost no knowledge of the English language. However, Jack had tremendous mechanical skills, a strong work ethic & devotion to family values. He enjoyed working on automobiles, motorcycles & engines but was also fascinated by bicycle racing, which was becoming popular in Italy and Europe at that time.

Opening on Galen Street

Using all of their savings, Jack & Lana decided to take a chance and start their own business, in the Galen Street building that formerly housed an auto repair shop. In 1975, Farina Cycles opened its doors and began selling bicycles. The couple quickly realized the seasonality of selling bicycles in New England and saw the need to sell something else in the winter to help pay their bills and make ends meet. As a result of Jack’s mechanical background, the store began selling & servicing snowblowers in the winter, just before the Blizzard of ‘78. And so it began – the unique business model of selling bicycles and snowblowers. Two distinct yet complementary businesses rolled into one.

Growing Up, Down and Around

Jack and his wife had 5 children, who worked at the store and later became involved in the management of the company. The children were instrumental in growing the business by staying true to Jack and Lana’s strong values of treating customers fairly, staying involved with the community and working hard. In 1982, a second floor was added to the building. This allowed for the expansion and growth of both the bicycle and power equipment departments. The entire first floor would be used for power equipment and would include snowblowers, lawnmowers, chainsaws etc. The new 3000 square foot second floor showroom would be completely dedicated to bicycles, apparel and accessories.

A Family Affair

Over the past 45+ years, Farina’s has evolved from a 2-person operation to a premier, award winning retail company. Although product selection, showroom space and staff size have drastically changed over the years, the critical things have not. Today, three of the Farina children continue to lead the company and manage its day-to-day operations. They continue to embody the simple values on which the company was founded.

Farina's Philosophy & Vision of Success

The true success of a family business is not simply profit. We are most proud of what we have accomplished through hard work and commitment to our community and customers. We are focused on exceptional customer service and a shopping experience that exceeds expectations. We will always use our strong family values, including honesty and responsibility, to guide us in serving future generations.

Jack, Anthony, Paula & Mike Farina