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Stihl BR430
When the job runs long, the STIHL BR 430 is right there with you. It has the features you need to get the job done with fewer refuels and less fatigue. Its pro-sized 57.5 oz. fuel tank goes even farther thanks to a fuel-efficient engine that produces cleaner emissions when compared to standard 2-stroke engines. In addition to its anti-vibration system and ElastoStart™ handle, the blower also features back padding, broad shoulder straps and soft rubber grip for enhanced comfort and support. BR 430 Specifications - Professional Use AIR VELOCITY 82 m/sec. (183 mph) AIR VOLUME With tube: 850 m3/h (500 cfm) Without tube: 1300 m3/h (765 cfm) WEIGHT 10.1 kg (22.3 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 1700 cc (57.5 oz.) ENGINE POWER 2.9 kW (3.9 bhp) DISPLACEMENT 63.3 cc (3.86 cu. in.) SOUND PRESSURE RATING 76 dB(A) Measured per ANSI B 175.2
Stihl BR600
With its powerful, fuel-efficient engine, the BR 600 STIHL Magnum® sets the standard for professional-grade blowers. It produces the highest air volume and velocity of all our backpack blowers, yet features a low-emission engine, making it a great choice in both urban and rural areas. No matter where the job takes you, the BR 600 STIHL Magnum® blower is the ideal choice for heavy-duty cleanup. BR 600 STIHL Magnum® Specifications - Professional Use AIR VELOCITY 90 m/sec. (201 mph) AIR VOLUME With tube: 1210 m3/h (712 cfm) Without tube: 1720 m3/h (1012 cfm) WEIGHT 9.8 kg (21.6 Ibs.) FUEL CAPACITY 1400 cc (47.3 oz.) ENGINE POWER 2.8 kW (3.8 bhp) DISPLACEMENT 64.8 cc (3.95 cu. in.) SOUND PRESSURE RATING 75 dB(A) Measured per ANSI B 175.2
Stihl BR500
Reduce the noise without sacrificing the power. The STIHL BR 500 features a powerful, low-emission engine and specially designed muffled blower tube so that it operates at a quiet 65dB(A). This makes the BR 500 an excellent choice for use in residential neighborhoods or in municipalities with noise restrictions. The blower also includes a 2-position adjustable blower tube, giving you greater control over its powerful air flow. BR 500 Specifications - Professional Use AIR VELOCITY 81 m/sec. (181 mph) AIR VOLUME With tube: 810 m3/h (477 cfm) Without tube: 1380 m3/h (812 cfm) WEIGHT 10.1 kg (22.3 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 1400 cc (47.3 oz.) ENGINE POWER 2.0 kW (2.7 bhp) DISPLACEMENT 64.8 cc (3.95 cu. in.) SOUND PRESSURE RATING 65 dB(A) Measured per ANSI B 175.2
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**INCLUDES FREE PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY AND SETUP WITH GAS AND OIL** For the commercial operator, RedMax is easily the industry leader in terms of the selection and performance of power blowers. The EBZ7500 backpack blower features the Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine with ultra-low emissions and high power. With a 65.6 cc displacement and 3.9 horsepower, the EBZ7500 produces a maximum air speed of 236 MPH with tube air flow approaching 770 CFM. The Max Cooled back pad uses air sucked by the fan housing to cool operators and keep them comfortable during hot days. Wide straps and contoured back pad are oversized for greater comfort. Specifications: Engine specification Cylinder displacement 65.6 cc Power output 3.94 hp Fuel tank volume 71.01 fl oz Article data Air flow in housing 971.15 cfm Air flow in pipe 769.86 cfm Air speed 236.22 mph Overall dimensions Weight 23.37 lbs
Stihl BR700
The new STIHL BR 700 steps things up a notch in the STIHL blower range. This high output professional blower is our most powerful model to date. Able to clear piles of wet leaves, and reduce bottom line costs with its fuel efficient engine, it is the ideal tool to get control over tough landscaping tasks and large property maintenance. Professionals will love the adaptive design features, including an adjustable telescopic tube to accommodate users of different heights, and different applications, as well as the control handle that adjusts easily without tools to provide the most comfortable position. For further convenience, this blower comes with a semi-automatic choke for smooth and easy starts. Designed with an optimal power-to-weight ratio the BR 700 combines power and portability so you can get the job done whenever, wherever. DISPLACEMENT 64.8 cc (4.0 cu. in.) ENGINE POWER 2.8 kW (3.8 bhp) WEIGHT 10.6 kg (23.4 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 1400 cc (47.3 oz.) BLOWING FORCE* 35 Newtons AVG. AIR VELOCITY** 74 m/sec. (165 mph) MAX. AIR VELOCITY** 88 m/sec. (197 mph) AIR VOLUME AT NOZZLE** 1550 m3/h (912 cfm) SOUND PRESSURE RATING** 75 dB(A) POWER SOURCE Gas
Redmax EBZ8560
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With the RedMax EBZ8560 backpack blower, moving lawn clippings, leaves and other heavy debris are a breeze. This frame-mount backpack blower produces 1,000 CFM of air volume at speeds of 220 MPH at the nozzle, making it faster to clear large areas. In addition, the RedMax EBZ8560 is equipped with the industry’s largest fuel tank so you can keep on going without having to go back to the trailer to refuel. Specifications Capacity Air flow in housing1200 cfm Air flow in pipe1000 cfm Air speed (round nozzle)220 mph Blowing Force47 N Dimensions Weight25.5 lbs Weight11.6 kg Product size length14.09 in Tube diameter3.386 in Engine Cylinder displacement75.6 cm³ Power output4.59 hp Maximum power speed7450 rpm Fuel tank volume77.77 fl oz (US) Idling speed2000 rpm Electrode gap0.03 in Spark plugNGK CMR7H Fuel consumption464 g/kWh Sound and Noise Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)115 dB(A) Sound power level, measured113 dB(A) Sound pressure level at operators ear106 dB(A)
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