Buying a new bicycle comes with lots of choices. It has to be the right bike for your riding style, the right color, and it has to be within your budget. And, most importantly, it has to fit you.

We'll start by asking some simple but precise questions, including your preferred riding style.  Our knowledgeable staff will help determine what category of bicycle and which specific Giant or Liv bike is the most ideal based on where you want to ride, for how long and how frequently.



Right Ride is a bicycle SIZING and FITTING system that combines technical software with a highly precise and adjustable Bicycle Simulator, while incorporating each rider's specific body size, measurements, muscle condition and riding style.

The complete process ensures you’ll have the right bike, in the right size, custom fit, just for you.

You'll appreciate the efficiency of the Right Ride process, with results in less than an hour.  We'll set up your new bike to exactly match the Simulator measurements.  It's your own tailored, personalized fit and it's a great way to get out on your new bike.


Cost:  FREE

After you determine your preferred model from Giant or Liv, we'll use Right Ride SIZING software.  By taking a few simple measurements (height and inseam), Right Ride will recommend the bicycle frame size that is best for the exact bicycle you are interested in purchasing.  Results are then used in a Right Ride CUSTOM FITTING.


Cost: $99.

Right Ride Custom Fitting is a step-by-step process that is done after sizing.  The Simulator is calibrated to the exact specifications of the bicycle which you have selected.  Our fitter will discuss your individual goals, riding style, comfort/pain issues, etc.

We'll then proceed to "custom fit" the bike to you by first evaluating your hip, knee, foot, trunk & shoulder angles while you are pedaling on the Simulator.  Fine adjustments are made to seat height, saddle type and fore/aft position, cockpit distance & width, stem length, knee over pedal adjustments, upper body positioning, reach and more. Each adjustment is measured, checked and recorded to ensure you achieve an overall body position that is customized and optimizes performance & comfort.


Our fitters are knowledgeable and experienced.  No fitting system can replace experience.  Each fitter has 10-25 years of professional bike fitting expertise. The goal in all fittings is to learn about each rider's needs and personal style.  We work with each person to understand what they hope to accomplish during the fitting process. Our trained team uses tools and measures, standard fitting rules along with product knowledge and experience with a vast variety of riders, in a process that is calm, highly informative and fun. The end result is a proper fit that maximizes performance while ensuring comfort.

So that we may give you our undivided attention, fittings are done by appointment only.

Schedule your fitting today by calling 617-926-1717.