Professional Bicycle Fittings

Bike fittings are important whether you are a racer, tri-athlete, enthusiast or recreational rider. It guarantees that you'll ride comfortably and as efficiently as possible.

We recommend getting fitted when you purchase a new bike.  Start by selecting the proper frame size for the bike model you have decided on.  Bike sizing is very important, but bike fitting makes all the difference in your overall comfort & performance. Our experienced fitters will be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your new bike fits you like a custom tailored suit.  If you're uncomfortable on your currrent bike, suffering from numb hands, saddle sores, a stiff neck, achy wrists or back pain, it's very likely that your bicycle fit is contributing to the problems if not causing them. Our highly trained fitters can help with that as well.

Each of our fitters has over 20 years experience fitting elite, intermediate and recreational riders.  This extensive experience allows them to make recommendations based not only on fitting rules and measurements, but also on discussions with you about your style of riding, bicycle type, anatomical concerns/conditions and more. 


Dynamic video capture, rather than static measurements and formulas, is combined with computer software and tools to achieve optimum fit based on adjustment of angles and alignment.

As the cyclist pedals on the trainer, the fitter is able to easily assess where adjustments need to be made at the main points of contact on the bicycle including hip, leg and shoulder analysis.  The rider is able to watch how adjustments should be made using a computerized goniometer tool and video overlays which show current angles vs. angles which optimize comfort, performance and fit.

This fitting analyzes the following areas:

Pelvis:  Saddle height, saddle positioning and Knee-Over-Pedal Spindle positioning.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands:  Handlebar positioning, width, height and rotation.  Stem angle and length adjustment.

Feet:  Basic cleat placement and adjustment on shoes.  RAD Cleat Fitting is recommended for a more precise fit.

BASIC FITTING $100. ($50. with purchase of a new bike)

Provides and evaluation of the rider's bike fit by observing the person on his/her bicycle.  A great starting point for preventing and/or alleviating knee pain, saddle discomfort and neck pain due to poor fit and form.  General recommendations and basic adjustments are made after observing the rider pedal on the trainer but without the use of cameras or computer software.

Includes correct frame size selection, comfort issues, handlebar size and position, saddle height, fore/aft seat position, reach, stem length and angle and Knee-Over-Pedal Spindle alignment.


For Shimano SPD, SPD-SL & Look pedals

Rotational Adjustment DeviceTM (RAD)

RAD is a bike fitting tool that has been recognized by cycling technicians, coaches and clinical professionals as the best and most reliable method for setting the cleat rotational position of the cycling shoe.  This allows the rider's lower leg to rotate naturally, thus reducing or preventing equipment induced stresses into the ankle, knee and hip joints.

We will mount and adjust the cleats on rider's shoes using RADs.  While pedaling on the trainer, adjustments are made to each foot to determine optimal placement based on the riders's anatomy and positioning.

* Prices do not include replacement parts (such as stems, brake levers, handlebars etc) and installation labor.  Cleats are not included in RAD fittings.

We are Fit Kit certified.  The Fit Kit is a collection of precision tools and data that allow us to efficiently, discreetly and precisely measure you to determine your exact frame size (seat-tube length and angle, and top-tube length) and the proper adjustments for the points where you contact your bicycle. 

We are also SICI (Serotta International Cycling Institute ) Fit School Certified.  The SICI provides our staff, cyclists, scientists and health care providers the highest-quality professional education on cycling ergonomics based on sound scientific research and a reliable, repeatable methodology.

Fittings are done by appointment only.  Give us a call to discuss your fitting needs today!