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Liv bicycles

Liv Bicycles for Women at Farina's

Liv bikes are researched, designed, tested, and proven by women, for women.  Liv is the first brand with a comprehensive collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. No matter the rider’s level or style, Liv provides the best products to help women discover new possibilities through cycling.

Liv Avail Road Bikes

Responsive & energetic, these bikes make cycling magical. The geometry calms the roughness of the road & provides comfort to ride for endless miles. These bikes have incredible stopping power in any condition and can accommodate larger tire sizes for versatility.  With climbing agility & descending control, you'll search for new challenges each ride.

Liv Thrive E-Bike

With the fast and light feeling of a road bike, the comfort of a flat bar bike and the boost of an electric assist motor, Thrive E+ EX Pro helps you find the inspiration to easily conquer fitness goals, crush your daily commute, and keep up with your friends at any pace. This model comes with front & rear lights and a rack, completing the package for in-town functionality.

Boston's Best Selection of Liv Bikes for Women

At Farina's, we stock a fantastic selection of women's specific road, hybrid, mountain, urban and electric bikes for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, commuters, pros & more!  Hundreds of bikes on display and ready for you to test ride!  Our highly experienced staff is here to help women explore new bike options and gear in a friendly, non-intimidating, fun and informative environment. Come in and experience exceptional customer service without any attitude.

Liv Alight Bikes

You'd rather pedal to work than sit in traffic on your morning commute or you prefer your weekend filled with adventures on the open road. Whatever your journey, the lightweight frames and upright positioning of these hybrid bikes make any ride more comfortable and fun.

Liv Rove Bikes

If you ride primarily on paved surfaces but want the ability to explore some packed dirt or gravel trails, a Rove is the bike for you!  These cross-country bikes are perfect for recreational & sport riders who want versatility and front shocks for added control, comfort & confidence.

Liv Electric Bicycles

Liv Electric Bicycles

Here’s a totally unique and invigorating new way to ride. This new E-bike lets you ride farther with less effort. Explore neighborhood streets, ride for fitness or pedal your daily commute. Liv LaFree E+ makes riding easy and fun. 

Liv 3F Design

Liv 3F Design: Fit, Form & Function

Starting from scratch, we design Liv bikes, gear & apparel for women so they never have to compromise their ride. We dig deep into data that reveals the varying proportions, dynamics and strengths of women’s bodies, because the average woman is not the same as the average human body.
Fit: Liv analyzes data on human body dimension, muscular strength and muscular activity, then considers the type of riding the rider will be doing, to build a frame that is fine-tuned through athlete feedback cycles with the goal to fit as many women as possible.
Form: The bike’s outlook takes the form with the intention to create a strong bond between the rider and the bike. The designers match the performance level of the bike with a beautiful and inspiring outlook.
Function: The componentry of the bike is carefully selected and the composite layup is uniquely crafted to give the rider an unprecedented performance edge and comfort.