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Professional bike fittings using Right Ride

Professional Bicycle Fittings

Buying a new bicycle comes with lots of choices. It has to be the right bike for your riding style, needs & budget. It has to be the right model and size. And, most importantly, it has to fit you.  

Whether you are a beginner, racer or someone who simply wants to feel more comfortable on their current bike, we have the fitting that is right for you. Our professional fitters draw on decades of fitting experience in customizing your bike to fit your anatomy and needs. 

Fitting Prices range from $99. to $299. Please visit our store for more details.

Basic Fittings

Basic fittings utilize our dynamic fit station which allows you to pedal on your own bike during the fitting process.  Our fitter will make adjustments to seat height & position, cockpit, knee over pedal angles, hip & back angles and more to optimize performance, efficiency and comfort.

Advanced Fittings

Advanced fittings utilize our Right Ride Fitting System which uses a highly precise and adjustable bicycle simulator, camera, live video, lasers & integrated computer software to make comprehensive adjustments. Right Ride also incorporates rider specific body size, measurements, muscle condition & riding style.